Knights of the Port

Knights of the Port

Every day, rain or shine, there is a dedicated team keeping an eye on the fjord. Not only do they ensure that the fjord is safe for everyone who uses it, they also take active steps to make sure that Oslo's most precious liquid treasure is as clean as it can be.

The traffic and conditions in the Oslo fjord is not only kept under supervision from afar. There are three boats, all with a specific purpose, that are out and about on a daily basis to make sure that everything is just the way it should be. 

MS" Pelikan", the Norwegian way of spelling Pelican, is as much a superhero as a boat. In a year, this little knight collects and disposes of 80 tons of waste that for one reason or another has found its way into the fjord. 

MS" Falk", falcon in English. is a catamaran and the fastest member of the fleet. It is also solid, making it ideal for any rescue missions that might occur on the water. 

MS "Hauk", named after the sea bird hawk, is the newest contributor to the team. It was the first boat in all of Norway that is able to rinse up to 95 per cent of its fuel emissions, making it the greenest boat on the fjord. 

The hull is made of alminium and steel, so strong it could break ice if necessary. The crane can lift up to two tons, enough to transport waste or other heavy items from one side of the waterfront to the other.