Busier than ever

Busier than ever

Nearly three million commuters, visitors and passengers travel annually between Oslo, Nesodden and Slemmestad. This makes Tingvallakaia the busiest passenger ferry quay in all of Norway.

Tide Transport started using the worlds first gas-powered passenger ferries in 2009 and these are the ones in use at Aker Brygge these days.

The Nesodden ferries go back and forth between the capital and the islands every day, all year round. 

The following routes are operated by Tide:
Oslo - Slemmestad (line 256)
Aker Brygge - Nesoddtangen (line 601)
Oslo - Nesodden west (line 602)
Nesoddtangen - Lysaker (line 716)

The Boats
MS Tide King (600 passengers), Oslo-Nesoddtangen
MS Tide Queen (600 passengers), Oslo-Nesoddtangen
MS Tide Prince (600 passengers), Oslo-Nesoddtangen
MS Tide Baron Princess (180 passengers), Oslo-Vollen-Slemmestad
MS Tide Baron (250 passengers), Lysaker-Nesoddtangen 

For more information about the service, timetables and prices, please visit Ruter's websites