Norway's leading passenger port


  • Norway's leading passenger port with 6 million travellers each year
  • 2.5 million passengers by ferry to Denmark and Germany and cruise ships
  • 4 million passengers on the local ferries

Norway's leading passenger port

About six million visitors arrive in Oslo by sea every year, either by ferries from Denmark or Germany, by cruise ships or charterboats, or by the local ferries in the Oslo Fjord.

Tingvalla quay close to Rådhusbrygge 4 at Aker Brygge is the busiest ferry hub in the country. Boats carrying tourists, commuters and visitors depart for Nesodden and Slemmestad not too far into the fjord. About one million passengers are carried annually by local ferries to Bygdøy and islands in the Oslo Fjord and as many as 2,6 million get the ferry to and from Nesodden every year.

If you want to learn more about the passenger traffic to and from the capital, you have arrived at the right place. Below are links to the different pages where you can read about the range of passengers coming to Oslo: 

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