A pearl of promise

A pearl of promise

All winter The Royal Yacht K/S Norge is docked by herself at Vippetangen, but during the summer this part of the waterfront springs to life with cruise passengers, island hoppers and fishermen. As much of the Fjord City, Vippetangen is being developed to attract even more visitors.

The quays at Vippetangen are mainly used for cruise boats but from time to time there are also other boats along the docks.

The main offices of Oslo Port Authority, Oslo Havn KF, is located here in shed 38. The building was once the offices of everyone involved with the ships taking Norwegians to America in the early 20th century. The white and red brick building now wished protected because of its important cultural heritage.

Right next door is the offices of world famous architectual firm Snøhetta, which designed our astonishingly beautiful Oslo Opera House in Bjørvika.  

Idyllic fishing
At the break of dawn, the employees at Fiskehallen are out distributing fish to shops and restaurants in town. But some like to catch their own fish and people line up at Vippetangen and Akershusstranda from early morning to late night hoping for a few mackerels to bring back home. In order to get the best spots, eager fishers need to get up early. By noon the seaside is bustling with excited youngsters and hungry pensioners who all want to catch the biggest fish the Oslofjord has to offer. 

International architects
Snøhetta is a renowned international architecture firm, known for designing The Oslo Opera House in Bjørvika. Snøhetta has a great view of the fjord from their offices in shed 39. Here, new projects are planned by architects from all over the world. We can see why the spectacular fjord can provide some inspiration, no matter the season. 

Grain for your cinnamon buns
Locals and visitors alike might have noticed the silo down at Vippetangen but few actually know what it is for. Grain travels all the way from Kazakhstan, The United States, Australia and all parts of Europe and arrives here. The the grain gets ground to flour to provide bread and delicious pastries for the capital. 

Travel to Denmark
Stena Line and DFDS have daily cruise ships leaving for Denmark from the cruise terminal at Vippetangen. Some would call them ferries, but they are nothing like the little boats going back and furth between the islands in the Oslofjord. Vippetangen is very important when it comes to welcoming visitors - and goods. 

While most of the waterfront is open to the public, whether that is on land or at sea, the harbour have to be closed when a large ships come to shore. 

A promised transformation
Vippetangen is the most central part of the promenade, which follows the waterfront from one end to the other. As a part of the Oslo Fjord City project, there are plans to develop the area to become more interesting to the general public. There are talks of a visitors' attraction and to rebuild the cruise terminals to make room for a more urban space.

The first part of the project would be to address the ferries to Denmark. Once the terminals are rebuilt, the real work of developing the entire area can start.