Pier of the people

Pier of the people

The City Hall Piers, Rådhusbryggene, got their names for the simple reason that they are located right in front of the magnificent Oslo City Hall.

The view of the shimmering fjord and the abundance of boats in all shapes and sizes creates a great atmosphere at the centre of the bustling city. Rådhusbryggene symbolise the vital place that the fjord has always held when it comes to the wealth and wellbeing of the Norwegian capital.

The open space close to the City Hall has been free of cars since 1994 and during the summer months there is an array of festivals, concerts and events which can be heard all throughout the city.

Travel further
Most charter boats, whether it is the Pirate Cruise for the little ones or the summer boats taking families, teenagers and visitors to one of the idyllic islands further out in the fjord, they all leave from Rådhusbryggene. Recently Norway's busiest ferry was moved from Vippetangen to Rådhusbryggene, meaning that every year three million Nessodden commuters can alight and board at the very heart of Oslo. 

"Kiss and sail" at The Pier of Honour
Although this is one of the most exclusive piers in the country, The Pier of Honour is not only for royalty. The Port of Oslo also allows berthing of leisure boats that are making short stops to pick up more people. Or to kiss someone goodbye on their way to work. 

Fresh fish at the fish market
Bright and early at seven in the morning (excluding Sunday and Monday) local fishing boats get in at Rådhusbryggene to sell fish and shrimp to whoever gets there first. The boats come directly from the Oslofjord and stay until the catch of the day is sold, which is normally quite quickly. Shrimps are mostly caught between Horten and Filtvet, but boats go all the way out to Færder when the weather allows it. 

There are now exciting plans to open a fresh and tasty fish market near Aker Brygge in the spring of 2016.