A blossoming cultural district

A blossoming cultural district

If The Opera House is the jewel of the new neighbourhood Bjørvika, then Barcode must be the gold and silver. Few places in Oslo has the same big city feel as Bjørvika with its shiny skyscrapers, white marble and the central station at its midst. It is the very symbol of the Fjord City.

The Oslo Opera House was designed by the architects in the internationally reowned firm Snøhetta. The spectacular marble building has not only become a major attraction, but also a vital part of Oslo's identity as a city of the world. 

100 football fields
When Bjørvika is completly developed, there will be 4-5000 apartments and 20,000 people at work in the area. It has been estimated that a total 30,000 people will live or work in Bjørvika once the area is completed. In addition, the cultural institutions and other activities will draw thousands of visitors to the sea front.

A total of 700 km² will be developed, the same area as a total of a hundred football fields, to the joy and benefit of all Osloites. Bjørvika is one of the largest urban development projects the thousand-year-old city has ever seen, and the spectacular result will no doubt reflect that.

Oslo City Council voted unanimously for the Bjørvika plan in 2003, and there is still a constant debate both among politicians and the public about the best way to improve the area. Osloites are very much involved in the process of making Bjørvika a blossoming cultural district, and that is the way we want it to be. 

Culture development
The new Opera House in Bjørvika is already one of Oslo's most astonishing attractions, and several new cultural centers are planned. Among those are for instance the Deichmanian Library. Student housing is also included in the plans for Bjørvika and plans are still being made and the work is still ongoing.

HAV Eiendom is a subsidiary property company, fully owned by the Oslo Port Authority, Oslo Havn KF. HAV Eiendom is involved in the development of Bjørvika with other investors through Bjørvika Utvikling.

Sørenga Utvikling
is the developer of Sørenga, this will be one of the highest populated areas in the city. The first residents moved in at Sørenga in 2011 and in the summer of 2015 swimming facilities opened up right at the shore. Sørenga was traditionally used as container terminal and for coastal traffic, but after several years with development both residents and visitors can have a refreshing bath in the fjord - at the very heart of the Norwegian capital.