Halfway between the past and the present

Akershusstranda is beautifully located between Rådhusplassen and Vippetangen, and has the incredible Akershus Fortress as its backdrop. Visitors arriving by cruise will alight here, with the heart of Oslo within walking distance.

Akershusstranda is a vital part of the promenade that leads from one end of the Fjord City to the other. Along the way there are several attractions and opportunities for a tasty break. There are restaurants offering everything from seafood to pizza at the waterfront, even places that combine the two.

An abundance of attractions
Located only a few meters from the water is also a visitors centre, where tourists can purchase souvenirs, ice cream or just ask for directions. Walking along the fjord there are plenty of opportunities to explore. What about taking a closer look at one of the old veteran ships that are resting along the shore, or visit the makers of traditional wooden oars?

The training ship Christian Radich, a spectacular ship from 1937, has also its home port just below the fortress.

Akershusstranda is filled by the sound of a wide range of languages when thousands of curious cruise passengers step off the the many cruise ships that arrive every week. The south part of Akershusstranda is the main quay for cruise ships arriving Oslo.

Historical significance
'Pappabuene' is the name of one of the restaurants located on Akershusstranda but this one is only open during the summer months. Historically, this was where the boats carrying working fathers out of the capital and out to the coast where their families were on vacation. While mothers and children usually spent their summers at the many resorts by the coasts, the breadwinners had to stay in Oslo and go to work. The boats left Saturdays at 2.30, right after work.

Veteran ships and enthusiasts
The steamboats Brønnøysund and Styrebjørn, and the minesweeper Alta, a small naval warship, are a few of the veteran ships at berth at Akershusstranda, close to Rådhusbryggene. Charitable maritime associations that own these boats have their offices in two of the sheds along the fjord, number 28 and 29, under the umbrella organisation Oslo Maritime Kulturvernsenter.

Recent developments
From January to May 2015, there were made several improvements the look and general feel of Akershustranda. In order to make the area more inviting for pedestrians, there are now little green areas, monuments and stable, wooden benches along the main road. On the newly tarmacked road there was painted great white circles and lines, much in contrast to the rest of the dark surface. This decorative feature is actually the morse code alphabet. Not only is this something different that makes this stretch of the promenade stand out, but it is also something that serves as a reminder of the historical context of Akershusstranda. 

The whole alphabet can be seen from the fortress above.