Handles everything from coffee to cars

Handles everything from coffee to cars

All sorts of goods arrive Oslo through the port. Containers filled with a wide range of products, new cars, oil and delicious coffee are all brought to Oslo by way of the sea.

53,300 pairs of shoes and 54,700 kilos of coffee are just a small part of the items that reach Oslo by sea every day. The state-of-the-art container terminals are visited by eight container vessels a week, and approximately 125,000 containers are unloaded each year.

The Port of Oslo is a major intersection in the Norwegian transport hub. Half of the Norwegian population lives less than three hours away from the Port of Oslo and the main road network is within a close distance of the busy terminals.

This means that cargo can also be loaded directly onto the trains, safely transporting the goods to wherever they need to go. Nine container ships call at the container terminals every week. There are both RTG and SSG cranes that can handle up to 27 containers per hour and each ship usually unloads a couple of hundred containers or more.

In order to accomodate the needs of the population and that of the businesses transporting products by sea, the port has to be open 24/7.


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